SEO Course and Digital Marketing Course have certainly redefined the way we see our world today. With the advent of the digital marketing we have seen many changes in everyday working. Starting from rail ticket booking to online shopping now we can do almost all the things online. But consider this as just the beginning of digital journey of the world. A lot is about to happen in coming years and decades. We will see a sea of changes in business and trade and employment. Writing a better story for the world and humanity with less pollution and less cutting of the trees by more and more digital interactions. So, how you can be a part of this revolution taking place around you. To benefit from it you need get yourself trained in digital marketing and other related technologies. It will not will open new scope in your life but also give you new meaning and increase your earning.

Currently you might be working in the mid-management level, you may be a senior engineer or a startup entrepreneur. You might be a fresher just joined industry in different fields of work or a student looking forward to a successful career. For all this a proper digital marketing knowledge is always handy and pays in long run. This will help you manage digital tools, create and manage websites. Prepare digital marketing plans for your company or provide suggestions to improve it by reducing spending while increasing Return on Investment.

To gain the benefit of this new technology you may join our Digital Marketing Training Program which is delivered online across world and in regular classes currently in kolkata. We are spreading our branches to other cities and as they come up will be notified to all of our prospective students. Here is a brief of the of the course. You may Refer following url’s to know about your students and detail course structure.

Complete  and indepth SEO Course Module

Complete  and indepth SMO Course Module

Complete  and indepth Digital Marketing Training Program details

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Digital Marketing and SEO, SMO or PPC Job Opportunities after training

SEO Course Structure


Module 1 –  Hosting Management

  • Basic concepts of hosting and Cpanel
  • Learn how to operate Cpanel account
  • You will learn how to install WordPress and FTP
  • Learn how to create company emails
  • You will also learn how to take website backups and maintain database
  • And many more details regarding CPanel management
  • With this we will teach you HTML and how you can prepare a html website also called static site.

 Module 2 – WordPress Management

  • Basic Concepts of WordPress
  • WordPress installations
  • You will learn how to install theme in WordPress
  • Learn how to create an inside page in WordPress through Page Builder
  • Learn all details regarding how to create Basic To Advanced Landing Page Creation
  • Further, you will learn how to add plugins and edit themes and much more

 Module 3-  SEO

  • SEO basic concepts
  • Learn all facts about search engines, search crawlers, and many more
  • Learn both On Page and Off Page SEO and its applications
  • Difference between White hat and Black hat SEO
  • You would be learning how to do keyword Research effectively
  • Learn every concept of Link Building
  • Tips for bringing a site in 1st Page of Google through SEO

 Module 4 – SMO

  • Learn all the concepts of Social Media Marketing
  • Learn how to open social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ others
  • Learn how to create Fan Pages, Groups on Facebook and Communities in Google+  and market your service through these platforms
  • Learn how to do Facebook Paid Ads Effectively

 Module 5 –  Google, Bing & Facebook PPC

  • Learn all the basic concepts of Adwords
  • Learn how to choose keywords for your ads in a proper way
  • You will learn how to create and set Adwords campaigns
  • Google & Bing Based Keyword Study for better results
  • How to keep your Adwords cost, lower detail tips
  • And all other details regarding Adwords
  • Complete guided help with Question dumps for clearing Google Adwords and Bing Exams.

 Module 6 – Content Marketing

  • Learn basic concepts of Content Writing & Marketing
  • Tips and guide regarding how to prepare an effective content for a website
  • Learn ways to submit content in various Article Directories
  • Learn all formats of articles, blogs, Press Release, etc.
  • You will learn how to promote content in Google and every detail of content marketing

 Module 7-  Google Analytics Training

  • All basic concepts of Google Analytics
  • We will teach you how to integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress site
  • You will learn How to generate Google Analytics code
  • Learn how to operate Google Analytics in a professional way for tracking website traffic
  • Finally you will know how to do Geo targeting for your website through Google Analytics
digital marketing training in kolkata

digital marketing course in kolkata

seo course

seo course


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  • - Continuous Monitoring
  • - Only 4 students in one class
  • - Live student domain


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